The Senior Faculty Association is the labor union of all senior faculty members at the Hebrew University, including retirees. We represent the faculty members before the University administration as well as other relevant entities, and aim to promote the interests of faculty members, in particular as they relate to employment rights and benefits, including the enforcement of existing rights. In addition, the Association promotes the welfare of faculty members by securing group insurance policies; by providing legal, accounting and other professional services at no cost or at subsidized costs; by securing agreements with pension funds for improved terms; and by offering various leisure and cultural activities.

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Please note: This page will introduce you to the main rights you are entitled to as a faculty member and the services provided by the Senior Faculty Association. Some of the links are for pages in Hebrew. We hope to have them translated in the near future. In the meantime, we are happy to help with any questions.


Association Offices

Main Office, Safra Campus at Givat Ram, Administration Building – Gallery Floor (Yehudit )

       Tel: 02-6584674, Fax:  02-6540392 

       Email: segel@mail.huji.ac.il

       Office Hours: M-Th 09:30-14:30


Mount Scopus Campus, hallway between the “forum” and the Law Faculty (Shiri David)

         Tel: 02-5881375, Fax:  02-540-2558

        Email: ms.segel@mail.huji.ac.il

        Office Hours: Tu-We 9:00-14:00 (Closed during the summer of 2021)


    Rechovot Campus, Lobel Earth and Water Building (Neomi Mimon)

            Tel: 08-948-9340, Fax :08-947-5181        

            Email: neomim@savion.huji.ac.il        

             Office Hours: Su, M, Tu, Th 9:30-14:30        


    Association office holders

    Chair: Prof. Guy Davidov, guy.davidov@mail.huji.ac.il

    Deputy Chair: Prof. Shaul Oreg, shaul.oreg@mail.huji.ac.il

    Deputy Chair (parallel track): Shachar Loshinsky, shachar.ruth@gmail.com


    Employment Benefits, Salary and Pension

    Salaries of faculty are determined based on a variety of factors, including academic rank, research grants that have been secured and entitle faculty to a “research bonus”, and managerial roles that entitle faculty to a “position bonus” (Tosefet Tafkid). There are also supplements to the salary paid for not having any other work (full time dedication) and for meeting academic criteria of publications and other duties. A summary of the information can be found on the website of the HR department (here) as well as the Academic Administration website (here).

    “Absorption basket” (Sal Klita): Upon acceptance as a senior faculty member of Hebrew University, you are entitled to a sum of money specifically intended for use to offset expenses like rent, mortgage, childcare expenses, auto expenses and others. These funds can also be used (in full or in part) to be added to one’s pension fund.  Further details can be found on the HR website (here).

    Sabbaticals and other teaching leaves: Detailed information regarding sabbatical rights can be found in the sabbatical guide at the Association website (here – in Hebrew). The University rules regarding sabbaticals and other periods of leave from teaching can be found at the Academic Administration website (here – in Hebrew).

    Absence for illness or military reserve service (Miluim): You are entitled to 30 days of sick leave per year. These days are accumulated from year to year. Every faculty member must report monthly on any sick days used and also declare on sick days not used (this is important in order to make sure that the days keep accumulating). A reporting duty applies to Miluim absence as well. For an explanation on the reporting duties, see here. The system for monthly reports is accessible here.

    Fund for international academic ties (Keren Kishrei Mada): Faculty members receive a budget for travel to conferences and other research-related expenses. The yearly budget depends on one’s academic rank. It can be accumulated and used in the following years. Detailed information regarding this fund can be found on the Association’s website (here – in Hebrew).

    Pension funds and continuing education (Hishtalmut) funds: The University makes deposits into a pension fund and a Hishtalmut fund of your choice (the latter is a savings account, not limited for continuing education purposes, withdrawals are possible tax-free after 6 years). The Association has arrangements with some funds for reduced fees; details on our website (here – in Hebrew). 

    Medical examinations: All faculty on the “regular” academic track who are at least 45 years old can choose to do a comprehensive physical exam at a subsidized cost. More details can be found here – in Hebrew.


    Professional Consulting Services

    The Association provides a variety of consulting services for faculty.  Some are fully subsidized while others are partially subsidized.

    Accounting services: The Association provides tax advice. That includes the preparation of annual tax reports when submission of such reports is needed (note that after sabbaticals abroad, filing a report is compulsory). Advice can be sought also on any other tax issue related to your work at the University. The service is subsidized by the Association and members will be required to pay only part of the cost. To arrange a meeting (to take place on the Givat Ram Campus) contact our office at segel@mail.huji.ac.il or 02-658-4674.

    Pension savings consulting: The Association provides members with access to an expert consultant on issues relating to pension funds, Hishtalmut funds, insurances, etc. via the firm of Ehud Nachtumi (http://udi-n.co.il). Faculty members who have a pension fund – i.e. are not part of the “old” budgetary (pay-as-you-go) pension system – are eligible for a consulting session once every five years, fully paid by the Association. To set up a meeting contact our office at segel@mail.huji.ac.il or 02-658-4674. In addition, the pension funds themselves offer free consulting. This is mostly useful when one considers switching between investment options (level of risk etc.).

    Retirement tax planning: Any faculty member within two years of retirement is entitled to consulting on the tax implications, provided by the accountant Kobi Yetach (see his website). To set up a meeting contact our office at segel@mail.huji.ac.il or 02-658-4674.

    Legal Consulting: If a faculty member requires legal advice in matters directly pertaining to their employment at the University, they are invited to contact the Association Chair (at guy.davidov@mail.huji.ac.il) to request a referral to our legal consultants.     


    Group Insurance Policies

    “Gift of Life” Health Coverage via Ayalon Insurance

    This group health insurance is subsidized as part of our labor agreements and is managed by the Association for the Welfare and Culture of Hebrew University Employees and Retirees (Amuta). This Amuta was set up by our Association together with the union of the University administrative staff. The monthly premiums for this insurance (for those who choose to join) are deducted directly from the salary and appear as a deduction on the wage slip.

    The policy can cover your family as well (spouse + children up to the age of 35). Upon beginning employment at the University, one has up to 120 days to join the policy without requiring a health declaration and with no qualification period. You can choose between three levels of coverage:

    “Gift of Life – basic coverage” includes coverage for transplant procedures in Israel or abroad, special procedures performed abroad and full coverage for life-saving procedures abroad (in accordance with the policy guidelines), certain medicines not covered by the public health basket and full coverage for specific cardiac and neurological procedures performed in Israel.

    “Gift of Life Gold” – This level covers everything included in the basic level as well as full coverage for all procedures performed in Israel including advanced technological procedures, treatments replacing surgery, second opinions from foreign medical professionals, complementary medicine and pregnancy and maternity related treatments and services – all in accordance with the specific terms of the policy.

    “Gold of Life Platinum” – This level covers everything included in the Gold level as well as additional coverage of advanced technology procedures, a doctor available for home visits 24 hours a day, emergency dental care and ongoing cardiac care services after a cardiac event.

    For the two extended plans there are two options: full reimbursement from the insurance company, or alternatively getting all possible reimbursement from the public health insurer (Kupat Cholim) first and suing the insurance company only for the balance and for the deductible paid to the Kupah. 

    More details regarding pricing and policies is available by contacting the Amuta at artog@savion.huji.ac.il, Tel: 02-658-5333 or Fax: 02-658-6011.  You can also contact the insurance agency directly at Vicky@btiker.ins.co.il or Tel: 02-501-9901 or Fax: 02-571-8055.

    Personal Injury Policies via Ayalon Insurance

    Policies are available that provide coverage for death, disability or inability to work (permanently or not) as a result of accidents. A new faculty member can sign up for these policies without a health declaration within 120 days of beginning to work. A spouse can also be added to the policy. To find out more, contact us using the details above.

    You should be aware that there is a certain level of overlap between these policies and life insurance policies, as well as disability coverage that is included as part of certain pension funds. This is to say that under certain circumstances you may be entitled to receive compensation from more than one source, and you should check individually if you actually need this additional coverage.

    Foreign Travel Coverage

    The University and our Association have jointly secured ongoing travel insurance for faculty members, through Harel Insurance Company. All faculty members in the regular and parallel tracks (up to 70 years old and not including retirees) are covered for any trips abroad of less than 30 days. The policy includes extensive foreign medical coverage that requires no advance health declaration, coverage for a laptop computer and more. 

    In addition, it is possible to purchase a similar policy for retirees, family members and longer stays abroad, or to purchase other extended coverages, via the University portal which can be accessed at http://venus.cc.huji.ac.il/ksafim/TravelInsurance.aspx.

    For more details please contact Sima Avital, University Insurance Coordinator at simaa@savion.huji.ac.il or 02-588-1409.

    Life Insurance

    These policies, managed by Migdal Insurance Corp, include co-pays from the University in accordance with the agreements we have secured as an Association. The premiums are paid directly as a deduction from your salary (if you choose to join) and are managed by the office of the Insurance Coordinator who can be contacted via the details above.


    Culture, Welfare and Sport

    All faculty members are invited to annual events hosted by the Association to mark the beginning and end of the academic year. Details will be sent via our distribution lists closer to the time. On birthdays, the Association sends vouchers to all faculty members that can be used at a variety of stores.

    In addition, the Association provides leisure and culture benefits through our Welfare Fund (Keren Revacha). This fund was set up by the Association together with the University, as part of the agreement to shift to the new pension system in 2001. It is financed by the University and by the faculty members who are part of the “old” pension system. The Welfare Fund produces an annual family event at the beginning of the summer at the Rechovot Sport Center. In addition, faculty members also benefit from a “basket” of benefits as follows:

    “Small Basket” – all faculty members in the regular and parallel tracks (not including retirees) are entitled to

    • Subsidized annual subscription at one of the HUJI sport centers (swimming pool and gym)
    • Annual family subscription to the Science Museum in Jerusalem
    • Annual family subscription to the Jerusalem Botanical Garden

    Please note that these benefits are taxable – that is, if you choose to receive them, you will have to pay the tax on the value of this benefit, through your salary.

    “Big Basket” – only for faculty members who are part of the new pension system (i.e. are not part of the “old” budgetary pension system), are in the regular academic track, and not including retirees:

    Those eligible will receive every year a choice of culture and leisure benefits such as tickets to concerts, films, museums, newspaper subscriptions, dining at university facilities and more. Full details are sent at the beginning of each academic year to those eligible. Additional information is available by contacting our office at ms.segel@mail.huji.ac.il.  

    Please note that the tax on the “big basket” benefits will be paid by the Welfare Fund and not by yourself.



    Walking group: On Saturday and Tuesday evenings each week a walking group meets for faculty members. For more details contact Uzi Rebhun at uzi.rebhun@mail.huji.ac.il.  

    Basketball: Faculty members meet on Thursday evenings to play basketball at the Lerner Sport Center. For more details contact Shaul Oreg at oreg@huji.ac.il.  


    Consumer Benefits

    Credit Cards: The Association has an agreement with the shopping club UNIQ (Leumi Card), and with Isracard (MasterCard Corporate) with special conditions for senior faculty. You can find additional details on both agreements here (in Hebrew).

    Dental Care: Faculty members, spouses and children up to age 18 are eligible for dental care discounts at the Ein Kerem campus clinic of the Faculty of Dentistry. Full details can be found here (in Hebrew; despite the expiration date written there, all discounts remain in effect).

    Pets: The Beit Dagan Veterinary Hospital offers a 20 percent discount for faculty members – not including medicines or lab tests.

    Auto Insurance: The Association has secured improved terms with two auto insurance agencies for senior faculty, including for retirees and family members. More details can be found here (in Hebrew).